Colin's Group Booking System

Hello, I am a private pilot of many years, and have belonged to several syndicates, I have also been an IT consultant for longer. I understand the problems of running a group where booking the aircraft is concerned. Who holds the diary ? What happens when you cant get them on the phone ? How about a spontaneous flight ? the list of problems is seemingly endless.

Your group could benefit from an internet server based booking system. It is easy to use and is geared towards the private group, not flying clubs (although they are not excluded), so there is no clutter or adverts, just the basics so you can book your aircraft easily. Log on, check the usage, book your slot. Yes, it is as easy as that ! If you have more than one aircraft just register it and its available ! I wrote this system for MY needs as a syndicate member so this is where the emphasis lies.

For a demo: Click here and press "Demo log-on". See the advantages this could bring to your group. I make a small charge for aircraft on PT C of A and Commercial Organisations (25 p.a) as I have to pay for support, periodical enhancements and server charges.
I can also organise your own domain name if required. (eg. you can then use personalised mailboxes to front-end your usual email address. (such as

If you want a 3 month free trial, it can be arranged under no obligation - just set up your details and you can give it a try.

For more info email me and I can help you with answers to those inevitable questions.

Colin Docketty
Harbenwood Ltd,
Highcroft, Burley,
Ringwood, Hants,
BH24 4AG, UK


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